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Ceramic photo frame

Hand-made ceramic photo frame with donkeys and heart patterns-size 20 x 18 cm circa

Ceramic soap dish

Hand-made ceramic soap dish with donkey and hearts pattern. Size: approx. 10x7 cm

Ceramic tray and coffee cups

Hand-made ceramic tray and coffee cups. Product certified for food use.

Heart-shaped tin box

Heart-shaped tin box-Size: 18,3 x 17,0 x 4,7 cm

Mongolfiera in cartapesta a forma di cuore con asinello

Mongolfiera da parete in cartapesta, a forma di cuore, con asinello. Realizzata e dipinta a mano. Altezza circa 20 cm, larghezza circa 10 cm.

Set vassoietto + 2 tazzine “I-OOO TI AMO”

Vassoietto e 2 tazzine realizzati a mano in ceramica dall'artigiana Antoniotti Francesca, in esclusiva per Il Rifugio. Dimensioni vassoio: circa cm 20x 14 Tazzine: altezza circa 6 cm

Soap dish with natural soap bar

Hand-made ceramic soap dish with donkeys and hearts pattern, with natural soap bar

Valentine’s Day complete pack special edition

Valentine's Day complete pack, special edition. It contains Incontrasino for two, our unique experience with donkyes (you can see the product at this link);  a cloth clutch, a bio hand soap, a bio lip balm, a cotton hand bag, 2 writable cups with chalk, one honey herbal tea.